Rudraksha mala is a rosary that is used in Hinduism for repetitive prayer known as Japa. Rudraksha is a tree mostly grown in Nepal, Northern India and Indonesia. The seeds of this tree are used as beads for making Hindu rosaries that are used in mantras and meditations. Mala is the term used for the collection or set of Rudraksha beads or seeds.


Wearing the mala

Rudraksha MalaRudraksha is believed to be Lord Shiva’s tear drop, thus making the seeds sacred and powerful. The wearers of this mala should observe proper way of handling and wearing the rosary. Rudraksha malas can be worn by anybody of any race or sex. But if it will be worn for the first time, proper recitation of mantras for the mala should be done on a Monday. After the ceremony, this mala can be worn anytime.

There are many ways of wearing the mala.  It can be worn around the waist, arms and neck.  There are certain numbers of beads required for a particular body part.  Example of which is wearing 504 beads around the waist or 108 around the chest.


Benefits of Rudraksha Mala: Physical benefits

Hindus and other believers consider Rudraksha as sacred and that the gods associated with the malas give a lot of benefits to all the wearers.  The most popular benefit that these malas give is lowering of blood pressure. I have some friends who have problems with blood pressure and when they heard about Rudraksha malas, they tried wearing them. They said that they have felt healthier when they are wearing the malas.

Another known benefit of Rudraksha malas is peace of mind.  Hindus believe that the beads only contain positive energies that are released to the wearers.  With the beads worn every day, concentration can be improved because you have peace of mind.  You can now do what you have to do without negative energies and thoughts flooding your body. Since you have a peace of mind, you will also have a reduced stress since the blood flow of your body is harmonized.  You will experience a good sleep every night.

The Rudraksha beads also have dielectric and magnetic properties that initiate positive changes in neurophysiology of the wearer.  In general, if you wear Rudraksha malas, you will have good health and good results in every aspect of your life.  My friends felt the positive changes in their life when they started to wear these beads.  Other positive changes are fame and fortune.


Benefits of Rudraksha Mala: Spiritual benefits

Rudraksha MalaAside from the health benefits that you can get from Rudraksha beads or malas, you will also have benefits for your relationship with the higher beings. My friends told me that they feel very positive when they wear their beads.This positive energy repels any negative energy in your way. This means that wearers are always protected from the evil both visible and invisible such as negative thoughts and feelings.

The Rudraksha beads also integrate with the body when worn or used in repetitive prayers that give consciousness to the wearer. Wearers can experience spiritual growth.

It is a must to give importance and utmost care for the mala since it is a sacred rosary for Hindus. My friends are not Hindus but they are giving extreme respect and care for their Rudraksha mala.